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How to engage management in sales hiring

How to Engage Management in the Hiring Process

10 Steps to Optimize Sales Hiring

If you are in charge of building a pipeline of talent and recruiting salespeople, you understand how difficult it is to effectively find and hire sales talent. You also understand how important and how challenging it can be to keep your management team involved throughout the entire process.

Companies often fail to hire due to unrealistic hiring expecatations and an ineffective hiring process. Too many people are involved, the process is too long, everyone can't agree on a candidate, and you end up failing to hire or making a bad hire.

Don't let a long and overcomplicated process deter top sales talent from joining your team. Build a proven hiring model while engaging the management team. Improve the speed the effeciency of hiring with these 10 actions.

Key learning objectives:

  • How to engage sales managers in the recruiting and hiring process.
  • How to relate your recruiting efforts to sales activity
  • How to improve the speed and process when hiring sales talent.
  • How to make smart hires faster and with less cost.