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How to hire salespeople

How to Hire Salespeople

12 Rules to Follow

If you are looking to grow revenue and build a company then you must become an expert at recruiting talented sales professionals.

Whether you're hiring your first sales representative or adding sales talent to your existing team, you need to know how to qualify candidates and be able to sell them on your sales job opportunity.

When recruiting sales professionals:

  • You need to understand sales characteristics required for your job.
  • You need to understand that recruiting takes time and patience.
  • You need effective tools and resources to build a pipeline of sales talent.
  • You need a strategy behind successful sales recruitment. 

Key learning objectives:

  • How to sell your company to job seekers.
  • How to qualify candidates on your company and position.
  • How to manage the hiring process.
  • How to close and onboard your new hire.