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How to recruit and hire salespeople-webinar

How to Find And Hire Salespeople

A Don't Miss Webinar With Sales Recruiting Experts

Learn the metrics and steps to successfully recruiting and hiring top sales talent for your team.

Hiring managers face 2 obstacles when hiring talented salespeople:

1. They don't know where to find and recruit salespeople and end up spending either too much time or money without hiring.

2. They don't have a hiring process in place to bring on sales talent to their team. They often lose a candidate in final stages. Hiring the right salesperson is essential to a company's growth and success. You need to spend money and time on the resources to help you, but which one is more important? 

Key learning objectives:

  • Learn that recruiting is a sales and metrics driven activity
  • Learn the KPIs that industry experts use to hire top sales talent 
  • Learn the best tactics to find and hire salespeople
  • Find out why your job posting isn't driving job seeker traffic
  • Find out why you may be losing out on sales talent to your competition
  • Learn about what hiring processes are most effective
  • Develop a consistent strategy to successfully recruit your sales team